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Khala (PHA) staking services
Low fees, high rewards

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Last update of the validator list: 11.11.2021

Frequently Asked Questions

The Phala Network is a decentralized cloud computing protocol that aims to rival traditional cloud computing services such as Amazon AWS or Google Cloud.

The Phala staking reward is approximately 30%.

Phala rewards are distributed every block and can be claimed on the Phala app!

You can withdraw your delegation from the StakePool by clicking the “Withdraw” button. The withdrawal time depends on the amount of Free Delegation. If there is sufficient Free Delegation then you will be able to unlock and withdraw immediately. If not, it may take up to 14 days for the delegation to be fully unlocked under extreme circumstances.

Under extreme conditions, if workers receive too many punishments, the number of tokens in StakePool will shrink, which will affect the initial delegation in the StakePool. However, the probability of such a situation is low.

To learn more about staking Khala (PHA), visit Khala Wiki.